The Institute for Medical Research strives to advance the health and well being of veterans and their families.

This is done through the support of research and education at the Durham Veterans Affairs Health Care System. Veterans can benefit from the ongoing benefits and innovative treatment that being part of a research center brings. Over the years VA research has contributed to many important health advances. Some of these include:

Development of microelectronics and robotics to create artificial limbs.

Creation of the nicotine patch to help people stop smoking.

Invention of the cardiac pacemaker.

First successful liver transplant.

Contributing to the development of the CAT (or CT) scan.

Developing the practice of an aspirin a day to prevent heart attacks.


Established in 1989, the Institute for Medical Research conducts and supports research and educational activities in collaboration with the Durham VA Medical Center with funds from  private companies, governmental agencies, foundations and academic institutions.

With a varied research program from cancer to PTSD to research in space the Institute for Medical Research plays a vital role in the support of research and education at the Durham VA Medical Center.


Dr. Miriam Morey, Founder and Director of the Durham VA Medical Center's Gerofit program discusses the program and its benefits to our Veterans.  Institute for Medical Research was instrumental in helping to bring this documentary to fruition. Go to the news tab above and click IN The Spotlight to check out Dr. Morey's video about the Gerofit program.