Information for Researchers


Investigators seeking to conduct a research or educational project with funding other than VA appropriation at the DVAHCS, must contact the Institute for Medical Research.  This also includes subawards for specific components involving the VA that may be part of a larger program.  If you are new to IMR or are beginning a complex initiative, please contact the Executive Director.  She can highlight options that will allow you to determine the best path forward.

If you have worked with IMR before and are adding a contract or award to an existing IMR portfolio, please contact Kathy McCauley, Contracts and Grants Administrator.

She can be reached at or 984-250-7014.

Each PI can consider and discuss with Kathy, how they can use the IMR services to best assist them with project implementation.

Available Services

IMR offers a variety of services to facilitate research and educational programs after funding is secured. Initially, IMR can assist in contract and grant development, the creation of subawards and award submission.

Project staffing – PIs may staff a project by recruiting and hiring staff employed by IMR.  Other staffing options include IMR managed salary agreements for personnel at the VA or other organizations as well as agreements with independent contractors.

IMR management service also include

  • Purchasing supplies and equipment
  • Payments to Human Subjects
  • Travel Reimbursements and allowable meeting expenses.

NOTE-  All PIs whose VA projects are facilitated through IMR will receive at least quarterly reports of their finances and up to monthly reporting if they request more frequent information.

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